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Discounted .UK pricing through OpenSRS

Discounted .UK pricing through OpenSRS

Your customers want competitive prices for their .UK domains. To help you offer this to them, we’ve reduced your pricing for .UK second- and third-level domains.

Even better? This pricing will remain in place indefinitely. We aim to be your one-stop shop, where you can easily manage your entire domain portfolio.


What’s my new .UK pricing?

Your new default pricing takes effect on June 1, 2022, and applies to registrations, renewals, and transfers for .uk,,,,,, and domains. To review your new pricing, head to the Pricing tab within the Domains section of your reseller account.

Why and how do I consolidate my portfolio?

Moving your .UK domains to OpenSRS will save you time, money, and stress in a few different ways:

Simplify your administration

Your efficiency will increase when you manage all your domains through a single control panel and API

Move toward even better pricing

You’ll be closer to accessing volume discounts: .UK domains will contribute toward your annual spend total, which can earn you better tier pricing on all gTLDs

Rely on one point of contact

Direct all your domains-related questions to OpenSRS’ award-winning 24/7 support team with a single point of contact

Stress less

You’ll have peace of mind with our secure, GDPR-compliant, and privacy-first platform to protect your and your customers’ data

What else should I know?

Why am I getting this discount?

We’re giving you this discount because your company is based in the United Kingdom. Your preferential “local” pricing will apply to all .UK domains, regardless of whether the registrant is local or international.

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What if I move my business out of the UK?

If your company moves to a location outside the United Kingdom, you may no longer qualify for local .UK pricing. Please update your account details and get in touch with our support team to discuss your eligibility.

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Can I apply my .UK pricing to my other reseller accounts?

Your new .UK pricing cannot be transferred to other reseller accounts at OpenSRS or other Tucows brands.

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Will my local pricing ever change?

As with any other TLDs you manage through OpenSRS, pricing may change due to currency fluctuations, market changes, changes in pricing from the registry, or changes to our pricing terms. If your local pricing does change, we will of course provide you with advance notice.

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If you have questions about your new pricing, .UK TLD policies, or if you would like assistance with transferring your .UK portfolio to OpenSRS, please get in touch with our support team.