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Odin Integration for Domain Name Reselling Automation

Empower your OpenSRS account with Odin Integration

Empower your OpenSRS account with Odin integration

OpenSRS has partnered with Odin to help you sell and manage domain names with greater ease and efficiency.

Odin enables service providers to navigate the complex and constantly changing cloud market. With Odin, businesses can bring new services to the market by leveraging an extensive applications ecosystem of over 500 platform-ready services.

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OpenSRS domain management Odin plugin

The OpenSRS Domain Management Odin Plugin allows for the sale and management of domain names and Contact Privacy with a high degree of automation.

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Details & Release Notes

Release notes:


  • 1.3.1

Release date:

  • Sept 11, 2017


  • Register or transfer gTLD and ccTLD
  • Handles gTLD ownership trade process
  • Manage domain contact details
  • Manage domain’s name servers
  • Manage domain’s lock/unlock security feature
  • Manage domain’s contact privacy status
  • Automated/Manual renewal management for both gTLD and ccTLD
  • Revoke Domain if applicable (Admin only)
  • Get domain’s auth code (EPP)

* All TLDs that do not require additional data is supported.
* The following TLDs that require additional data are supported: pro / .asia / / / / / / .be / .ca / .fr / .it / .nu / .se / .us 
* For more information on each TLD, please refer to the TLD reference chart


  • Odin Automation Essentials 7
  • Odin Automation Premium 7

Minimum Requirements:

  • PHP 5.5+
  • TCP port 55443 must be open both ways on the server for lookups and http(s) connections to OpenSRS API


Version 1.3.1 | Released Sept 11, 2017

  • Fixed missing expiry date on transferred domains

Version 1.3 | Released Aug 8, 2017

  • Fixed .AU TLD bug when transferring in a domain name. Domains with .AU extension will now transfer in with a period of zero

Version 1.2 | Released Nov 25, 2016

  • Implemented new ICANN trade policy for owner contact changes
  • All gTLD now show designated agent terms of service as requirement
  • ICANN compliant logging for all Designated agent state changes

Version 1.1 | Released Nov 1, 2016

  • Fixed security issue with PHP v5.5 and older
  • Fixed i18n definitions for additional data fields
  • Fixed security issue with base OpenSRS lib

Version 1.0 | Released Oct 1, 2016

  • Initial release