With the launch of registrant verification, we are continually making improvements to simplify and streamline this new ICANN requirement. We are introducing some new features and fixes to the registrant verification process to make it easier to manage. Our goal is to make this process as seamless as possible by providing you with all the tools you need to reach out to your end users proactively.

The following changes will be in effect by January 31st:

  • The domain suspension email is editable under “Message Templates”. It allows you to customize the message to better explain to your clients why this happened and what they can do to bring their site back online;
  • The ability to edit the domain verification confirmation page will be available in RWI only;
  • The ability to disable emails sent to the additional contact holders listed on a domain that requires verification will be available in UCP and RWI;
  • New verification emails will be sent out immediately after the registration allowing the resellers to incorporate the verification process into their domain purchase flows;
  • Suspended domains will not resolve but they will not have their DNS modified. This allows us to turn the domains back on immediately after it has been verified;
  • In UCP, some additional information will be included with each domain such as how many days left until suspension and the date the first verification email was sent out;
  • All resellers will receive a daily csv file report on all domains currently in the verification process.

Important notice

URLs used to verify contact information have been simplified. We are using domainadmin.com. This is a legitimate domain name owned by OpenSRS.

We have received some feedback since we started implementing this ICANN mandated verification process and we understand that it may appear disruptive to resellers and registrants. We will ensure that resellers have enough time to adapt to this new process. From what we see in our current data, you should not expect to see a large number of domains being suspended in the coming days.

Registrant verification is a new requirement in the 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) that requires all registrars to verify the registrant’s contact name and email address during a new registration, transfers in or contact updates, if not previously verified.

Visit the registrant verification FAQs for more information.