Did you know that we have a series of excellent promotional videos for you that will help you explain the value of .TV domains to your customers? We worked closely with VeriSign, the .TV domain registry operator, to create these great videos that explain why .TV domains are the best choice for hosting video content online. They’re available to download and use for all OpenSRS Resellers.

Six Videos in All

There are six videos all together, including four interview-style videos with some interesting people who are using their .TV domains to do some really innovative things with web video. The other two videos in the series are tutorials – the first helps explain the unique value of .TV domains in identifying sites with video content, while the second provides some great tips and techniques for your customers to consider so they can put their .TV domains to good use.

As you’d expect, these are unbranded, white-label videos that are ready to be used in your marketing efforts around .TV domains.

Visit the Marketing section of the Resource Center to see what’s available and download the full set. Look for the .TV Marketing Videos section.

Here’s a sample video to give you a sense of the content you’ll find:

Get .TV Domains at a Great Price

Keep in mind that we also have a .TV domain pricing promo going on right now. Last year we lowered the cost for new .TV domains to $19.00/year through the end of May, 2011 (regular price is $35/year, and that discount is paid through a monthly rebate). But in addition to that promotion, we also rolled out an opt-in promo that allows you to save even more. Sign up and do some promotion around .TV domains – and these videos are a perfect way to do just that – and you’ll get new .TV domain registrations for just $12/year!

Click here for full terms and conditions and to signup for this promo.