We issued a press release today announcing that Tucows has agreed to acquire eNom from Rightside.

By bringing together OpenSRS and eNom under one roof, we are definitively forming the largest wholesale registrar (since we had each been making that claim independently for several years already!) and we are forming the second-largest registrar in the world behind GoDaddy.

That is all very nice for us. But, way more importantly, what does it mean for you, our current OpenSRS resellers and incoming eNom resellers?

It means that you have the comfort of being with a provider that is healthy and investing in this business. For most of you, domains are not your core offering but simply a component of your offering that you count on to be there and to function properly and consistently over time. You cannot tolerate failure or compromise from your provider. This transaction provides scale and efficiency and should reassure you that you can count on us to keep doing what we do deep into the future.

As for day-to-day operations, absolutely nothing will change anytime soon. OpenSRS resellers will continue to operate on the OpenSRS platform through the OpenSRS API and have access to all OpenSRS TLDs and products. eNom resellers will continue to operate on the eNom platform through the eNom API and have access to all eNom TLDs and products.

Over time, the goal is certainly for everybody to benefit from the combined knowledge, insights, code, tools, features and product portfolios that comes with this scaled business. However, we will not be issuing any changes quickly or abruptly and we will always make minimizing resellers’ pain or disruption a priority. We will issue long timelines on any changes and communicate early, often and clearly throughout the process.

We are grateful to OpenSRS resellers for putting us in a position to do this deal. We are thrilled to welcome eNom resellers and we assure you that you are with a company that understands you and values you. We are confident that this will ultimately be a positive development for everybody.