Over the past several years, we’ve watched many of our resellers branch out into new markets and regions very successfully. At the same time, we have also welcomed new resellers from a wide range of countries and industries. These trends have resulted in increased demand from our customers to offer more TLDs. Thus, we’re really pleased and excited to announce the acquisition of EPAG Domainservices GmbH, a registrar based in Bonn, Germany.

Epag Logo

We were immediately drawn to EPAG not only because of their offerings (they currently offer more than 280 domain extensions) but because of their expertise and reputation as well. EPAG is known for its fantastic amount of international domain name experience, and we think their knowledge and skills will help greatly as we continue to grow our own domain name business here at OpenSRS.

So, what does this mean for OpenSRS resellers? Well, bringing EPAG on board with OpenSRS will allow us to offer many more domain extensions quickly, backed by a knowledgeable, experienced team with insight into all of them. Over the next several weeks, you’ll begin to see details of our plans to significantly expand the portfolio of domain names we make available through OpenSRS. While we can’t reveal specific details just yet, it’s safe to say you will see significant gTLD and ccTLD coverage improvements, with a particular focus on regions like Europe, South America and Asia. By the end of the year, we expect to have 200 extensions available to ensure your customers have the best chance of finding their perfect domain name.

We are also really excited to welcome EPAG customers to OpenSRS. Going forward, there will be little in the way of change; EPAG systems will continue to operate and EPAG customers and suppliers will continue to deal with the same people, systems and interfaces they are familiar with today. We look forward to working with you, and to providing additional features and services that can help you grow your business.

This is a very exciting day at OpenSRS, and we’re proud to welcome EPAG. Make sure to watch this space in the coming weeks as we announce plans to bolster our roster of domain names offered. You can read more about this acquisition on Tucows.com.