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It’s a pretty big day at OpenSRS – we’re ready to take the wraps off our Control Panel and let Resellers give it a try starting today. You’ll probably agree that it’s been a bit of a long time in coming, but we’re pretty sure that once you see it and try it out, you’ll agree that it was well worth the wait.

The Control Panel is far more than just a new skin for the current Reseller Web Interface (RWI). It’s a beautiful and modern web interface paired with a powerful new backend, both of which utilize the latest in web technologies. The result is a fast, intuitive place for you to quickly and easily manage your OpenSRS Services in ways that weren’t possible until now.

New OpenSRS control panel
For example, using the Domain Manager in the Control Panel, you’ll be able to nearly instantly see a full list of domains in your account, including the status of each of those domains – like whether it’s set to auto-renew when it expires, and if Contact Privacy is enabled. You’ll also be able to apply extensive filters to the list and see things like all the .com domains in your Reseller account that are expiring in the next 30 days – all in a matter of seconds.

And thanks to some of the great new technology that has been implemented, you can do all of this stuff whether you are managing three, 300 or even 300,000 domains.

It’s a preview, not a beta

Keep in mind that the Control Panel is a work-in-progress. We’re very confident that you’ll find it stable and feature-complete enough to use as the primary way you interact with OpenSRS. That said, there are still some features and elements still to come. As a result, you will need to head back to the RWI to do certain tasks – things like funding your account or using bulk tools.

More to come…soon!

We’re iterating quickly these days thanks to our agile development method and you can expect to see new features being added to the Control Panel fairly regularly until we’ve filled the gaps and brought over everything that exists in the RWI (and more). The addition of the Domain Manager tab to the Control Panel brings us one step closer to our goal of having a single, unified control panel that allows Resellers to manage domains, trust, email and publishing in one place.

We’ll be going into more detail about the thinking and also the technology behind the Control Panel in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Of course, we’d also love to hear what you think. Learn more, then log in and take a look around. We’d love to hear what you think – drop us a line in the comments.

34 thoughts on “Try out the new OpenSRS Control Panel

  1. looks rathe rgood a bit slow im assuming test mode

    Few things missing :
    -Are password still going to be visible for user currently not?
    that is a absolute must!
    -Are the search features going to be enhanced ie search by dns ?
    – can setting be adjustable form icon level on screen one would make life so much simple saves drilling down

  2. Am I being oblivious, or is a method to modify glue records not yet exposed?

  3. One issue: if I set filters, for example to show me only unlocked domains, then click through to edit one of the subset of domains listed, when I finish and come back to the domain list, I’d really like my sort preferences and filters to still be active, so I don’t have to filter them again.

    Another issue: for contact privacy and domain locking, making the icons in the domain list clickable, such that they toggle on and off would be most useful.

  4. May or may not relate to the new service, but when using the Managed DNS, it’d sure be useful to be able to specify the MX record with a macro, for example:


    so that populating new DNS service records when using the OpenSRS email service doesn’t require typing in the MX record by hand.

    Alternative would be to add a button that says, “add MX record for OpenSRS email service” and have it build it based on the domain name. Just one of those REALLY tedious things we deal with today.

  5. Howdy,

    Good Grief!! Here we go again. Looks pretty but your inept web builders still don’t know how to handle screen widths, set background color, set image transparencies, use tables instead of unreliable CSS that is not supported by all browsers. Not to mention getting rid of the Java Script errors.

    When are you going to hire somebody that knows how to fully verify your code and web pages?

    Thanks, Chris

  6. Hi Chris,

    I know you’re disappointed that we didn’t want to hire you to do the redesign. We differ in our opinion of what good site design is and how to go about it. Feel free to submit bug reports on anything that’s through Java Script errors or is not functioning.

  7. Thanks for the comment Dan!

    In fact “Managed DNS” is being phased out. All that functionality and much more will be available directly within the Domain Service. In fact you can see a lot of it already in the current Preview.

    DNS in the Domain Service has “templates” you can use to apply common DNS settings to any domain you’d like.

    You’ll get a notice shortly about the end-of-life plan for Managed DNS.

  8. I hear what you’re saying. That makes perfect sense.

    We’ll look into it.

    FYI, we’re going to add the ability to save sets of filters so you can apply them with one-click. Lots more coming – this is only the start.

  9. You can modify DNS settings on the page for each domain within the Domain Manager. I don’t think we’ve got the Glue Records controls in there yet.

    More to come!

  10. Hi Markus!

    It will be better than that in fact. Domains registered by you (as registrar) rather than on our registrar tag will in fact just be another type of domain in the Domain Manager. You’ll get all this functionality and you’ll see Tucows and your own registrations together in this interface.

    You’ll get more controls for domains where you are the registrar of course. :)

  11. Hi Greg,

    You’ll see performance improvements over time as we optimize things and deal with the impact of real, quirky humans using the service. Nothing tests a system like real people!

    You can now edit things on behalf of customers, so you don’t need their password to log-in to the MWI as in olden times. You also have the option to reset passwords. For security reasons I doubt we’ll make the actual password visible to resellers.

    We’ll be adding more to search.

    Changing settings by clicking the icons in the list of domains wasn’t something we’d thought of. It makes sense but I’m a bit concerned about people making changes in error if we make it TOO easy to change.

    Once we get bulk editing in place you’ll be able to filter down to a list of domains, then select/deselect specific ones and perform actions on all of them at once. That doesn’t help with one-off edits like you’re suggesting, but it does give a way to do a bunch of changes all at once. Great feedback though!



  12. As a reseller and paying customer of OpenSRS, I find your continued badgering on (it seems) every post about the new control panel to be immature and very unprofessional. I can’t imagine harassing potential employers like that.

    I have to give credit to OpenSRS for their patience and neutrality toward these antics. I can’t swear I’d be as apolitical about it.

  13. I want to Echo Patrick’s Comments I personally would never be as patient.
    Kens comments of “We differ in our opinion of what good site design” compare the Opensrs site to yours…. No comparison professional current VS stuck in the 90’s hands down. You decide which i swhich

  14. I’m still waiting, and have been for years now – since you took over, the ability to configure my store, so when someone buys a domain, the DNS is by default pointing to my DNS servers. I loved this about and really miss it!!!!!

  15. @google-80c50b2a70f57e553c489b2afffa720a:disqus we definitely want to do more work on the OpenSRS Storefront. The first priority is getting the control panel you as a reseller use to manage your Storefront into the new control panel. Then we’ll start on redesigning and enhancing the Storefront itself. I wish we could do it sooner but we’ve got to tackle one thing at a time.

  16. The new control panel is certainly aesthetically a vast improvement, so thank you for all your hardwork. I’ve just tried using it in anger for the first time for a couple of typical tasks (renewing/updating domains) and have some specific suggestions for how the new CP could be further improved, mostly around completing particular tasks more quickly. I hope this is the kind of feedback you’re after for the ‘preview’ state, and I’ve doubt much of this is probably on your To Do list already.

    1) One of my most common tasks is handling renewals. The calendar-based expiry/created filter controls are a real pain if you want to make big changes to the dates. It takes multiple clicks to shift from the default January 1990 to the current month. So you certainly can’t currently view “all the .com domains in your Reseller account that are expiring in the next 30 days … in a matter of seconds”. I suggest adding an option to type a date in directly, or to click on the year/month within the calendar to manually change them rather than using the arrows. (I’d love to be able to set a default sort by expiry date – that would be great!)

    2 ) It wasn’t clear enough that I could click on a column heading to ‘sort’, which I eventually realised was the best way to quickly see “domains renewing soon”‘. Because this is quite a standard UI control I did eventually remember to try it, but I think it could be more ‘discoverable’. It may just need the “sort” arrow icon making larger/clearer. (I also got in a mess ‘sorting’ while viewing the second page of domains, which then (understandably) showed the second page of the sorted domains. This might be helped if the paging controls also appeared at the top.)

    2) No bulk renewal option. Currently you have to click into each domain individually to renew. I’d love to be able to use a checkbox to select multiple domains on the View screen and then apply a change to all (e.g. renew, lock/unlock etc…). It sounds like bulk operations are something you have in the pipeline?

    3) .uk renewal pricing is currently wrong. The new CP lists renewal price as $26 for 2 years when it should be $13.

    4) I would like a ‘read only’ view for individual domain info. Firstly, the fact everything is instantly editable makes me slightly nervous – too easy to accidentally change something. Second, it means I can’t easily copy and paste info (say, a registrant record or the DNS set up). Thirdly, the domain info text inputs are quite narrow, so I can’t see the full information for some boxes. Then there’s….

    5) DNS records. I’d definitely like a way to see the DNS information as a standard DNS record, and an “advanced” DNS editor option, for people who know what they’re doing to bulk edit DNS. This is something we’ve wanted from Managed DNS for a while.

    6) Incredibly minor, but I find the “selected” styling which shows which page you’re on disconcerting. I keep thinking I’m on page 1, when I’m actually on page 2. I think the current page needs a little more emphasis – perhaps an underline, or an outline box?

    7) I found the panel quite slow to load, but I imagine that’s something you will be working on.

    8) On ‘Messaging’ there is no indication I can find as to what event triggers each message. For example, there are four different SSL cert “Thank you for your order” messages, but no way to tell which is which. The old CP gives adds a useful description for each message, e.g. “Message to Admin Contact when True Biz ID certificate order is processed”.

    Sorry there’s quite so much here, but I’m sure that’s just because this is still at an early preview stage. The new CP is without doubt a vast improvement. I love being able to edit domains through a single management interface, and easily see all my domains, or filter them by common properties. All that is fantastic. My comments are really just about further streamlining and refining the great work you’ve already done.

  17. Hey @sophiedennis:disqus this is amazing! Thanks so much for the detailed feedback! This is all very useful and I think pretty much everything you’ve mentioned is something we can work to improve.

    The date range selection issue was one we really struggled with trying a bunch of different approaches and default and none of them left us entirely happy. The thing that will make this easier for people to deal with will be the addition of the ability to save sets of filters (including dates) for future use. We expect that people will create and save filters that meet there workflow. We’ll keep working on this though and the feedback is useful.

    And yes, bulk editing will be coming.

  18. Glad it was useful. I’m really interest to see how this develops – as well as keen to start using it! Saved filters sound great.

    I sympathise with your struggles with date inputs. We had a similar issue handling date picker UI on a recent project where again there was a need for users to jump to dates far in the future. We used the JQuery UI solution of adding a drop-down for month/year selection in addition to fwd/back button. Personally I think it’s quite a good compromise. Demo here

  19. I will say the abilty to look up a domain owners username and password has been extremely helpful over the years, and without it, we would have never been able to migrate to WHMCS this past year. Importing domains requires knowing this info, and will definate be a deal breaker without it.

  20. Just used this for the first time in anger and here is my feedback (apologies if others have said these things before)
    –  When registering a domain there is no indication of what fields are required or not for contact details.
    – When registering a UK domain name it would be great to automatically populate the Administrator field with the tech contact details.
    – The price of a UK domain appears to be a generic price and not my pricing.
    –  I don’t use your DNS but as I haven’t got a DNS template the screen keeps jumping to the red DNS section which I don’t use.
    Otherwise it’s great and a big improvement :-)

  21. We *could* number them. But since it’s a search page, that would be like Google/Yahoo/Bing numbering their search results, you know?

  22. Are we still in test mode? its so slow I am not able to use it effectively.

    -Renewal of  multiple domains is not doable so renders the control panel useless.
    there is no way to see all current expiry in the next “x” days and renew them you must do each renewal individually.That is time consuming over the  previous simple method of check of small box

    -the defaults on expiry search is 11 yrs in the past and future if one forget to select the right yr it lock up for  a significant amount of  time that’s just silly !

    – display of password are absolutely needed!!!!! many of your re-sellers manage clients domain portfolio as we do . we need the ability to do multiple domain so need to use the site to be able to make bulk changes were back to doing them individually here that moving back wards if there is bulk capacity it i snot easy to find or us.

    I really like the new look but its just not working  its a big step back in functionality.
    you took away things like password view-able and multiple renewal choices that’s not so good.
    As a minimum can you simple speed it up to start! it slow and cumbersome to us

  23. Hi @9bf7385ab6171dfd1f5aa268e2c69072:disqus – sorry you’re finding the Preview slow. That will happen at times and in general we’re still working on optimizing the site.

    We’re working on the bulk edit tools right now. That will let you do multi-domain actions like renewals WAY faster.

    The defaults on filters is something we’re still working through. There are so many scenarios and depending on the scenario the default date ranges make a huge difference to how useful the results are. Consider that a work in progress and feedback like yours is welcome.

    Also on that front, we’ll be adding a way to save your frequently used filters so once you get the results “just right” for you, you’ll be able to name and save them for future use.

    You don’t really need the registrant’s password anymore because you can now do everything a registrant can do directly from within the control panel (rather than having to log-in as the registrant as you did in the past).

    Thanks again for the feedback.

  24. Does this mean that we won’t have to input the end customers username and password to integrate domain controls through WHMCS? because that’s why most of us need them.  If this function is taken away, we will need some other way of authenticating between WHMCS and Open SRS (such as Enom provide)  otherwise I’m going to have to  hire a guy to manually look up and input all my customers older domain authentication details while they are still available in RWI ( roughly 2,500 domains!). 

  25. I know we’ve been talking about what this means for WHMCS. We’ve been working pretty closely with them for a while now and I we’ll need to come up with a good way for you guys to keep data sync’ed between services.

    Stay tuned.

  26. Couple of things I’ve noticed that could be useful. When you’re in the edit page for domain1 and would like quickly jump to domain2, currently you have to click View Domains, enter in domain2 in the search field, click on domain2 which will take you to the edit page for domain2. However, from any page (ie domain1 edit page), could there be a search field for a domain instead of jumping around multiple pages to get to the edit page for domain2?

    Also, there doesn’t appear to be a “Send auth code to admin contact” button in a domain’s edit page. I know that the transfer authorization code is viewable but getting that easily to the admin contact would be a nice feature. The “Resend Password” is for the ManageSRS login, correct?


  27. Hi Liz,

    You mean you want a domain search box right on the success page after editing another domain? You’d save one click if we did that. I’m not sure it’s worth it for one click in one situation to add that type of duplication to the interface but we’ll give it some thought.

    “Send Auth Code To Admin Contact” should be in there. We’ll add that.

    “Resend Password” does indeed send the Managed Web Interface (for registrants) password.

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