Social media and its myriad platforms have created a new world of opportunity for creators. With approximately 50 million people all over the world creating online video content, the “Creator Economy” is a force to be reckoned with. From Instagram influencers to Twitch streamers, and TikTok stars to YouTube content creators, this diverse collection of individuals is estimated to be worth $104 billion globally.

Of this vast and varied group, an estimated 2 million of them consider themselves to be professional creators. That is, their primary source of income is through video creation, particularly on YouTube.

What Do Creators Need?

While Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube have provided a gateway to fame and fortune for countless individuals who aspire to be social media influencers, it’s not just influencers and streamers that are making their mark with video online. Musicians, journalists, and filmmakers all benefit from increased emphasis on video.

The challenge these creators face, however, is how to stand out in a crowded landscape. In order to build a brand that will get noticed, creators need to grow a loyal audience, deepen their connection with their fans and create a branded online presence that makes their content easy to find and share. The ultimate goal for many creators is to be able to monetize their content through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, brand deals, or an online merch store.

So, where do domain names fit into all of this? 

Creating a digital footprint online through a branded website and domain name is the best way to take control of your brand and content as a creator. Launching a branded website online allows creators to make a custom design that matches their brand and to easily show off their best-performing content, no matter the platform. A website also serves as a digital hub for creators and an easy way to link off to their various social platforms from a single location. 

That’s where owning a .TV domain comes in. As you’ll see, the .TV domain speaks to creators who are building their brands with video. “TV” is ubiquitous around the world, signifying entertainment, information, and content. Anyone can grow with a .TV domain and show their audience that they’ve got something worth watching.

Why is .TV a great choice for creators?

First, the basics: it’s simple, memorable, and easy to spell.

There are many benefits to using .TV for creators. It’s a domain that says “watch me” and is perfect for our multi-screen world. With smartphones, tablets, laptops and old-school television, .TV is the perfect domain for content that is meant to be watched.  In a world where content is being created and consumed rapidly, the .TV domain is the perfect platform to share – and own – content.

“TV” is known the world over as shorthand for “television,” regardless of language. That means that the .TV extension immediately communicates to an audience what a website is all about – video content. Plus, the online streaming platform, Twitch, leverages a .TV domain for the main site – – so for any streamers or creators leveraging this social channel, a .TV custom domain will be very intuitive for their audience. 

Why Should I Cater to Content Creators?

Creators clearly know that having a website matters. In fact, email newsletters were the number one way influencers built their audience in 2021, highlighting the importance of having a website to which they can direct their readers.

By having a domain, specifically, these individuals can establish their digital footprint and build their brand outside the constraints of social media. Plus, the time that creators spend maintaining and growing their brand lends itself to domain name renewals and add-on services. 

A great way to attract content creators, especially those who are just getting started, is to recommend they redirect their .TV domain to their existing social channel, such as YouTube, or Twitch. Alternatively, they can use a custom domain as their link in bio. They can forward it to their LinkTree (a popular link aggregator), or use an alternative like Koji, which allows them to link their custom domain directly to their page.

In all of the above cases, a custom domain is a great first step to creating a branded online presence and can be a precursor for a future website, as well as e-commerce opportunities down the road. When they’re ready to upgrade, their domain will be waiting, and in the meantime, it’s helping build their brand.

With so many individuals entering the creator economy every year, this is the perfect time to help them build their online brand. Communicating the benefits of owning their content by owning their domain is paramount.

That’s A Wrap

The global digital content creation market is projected to reach $38.2 billion by 2030. With this kind of growth, the opportunity for you to reach those that are part of the creator economy and offer .TV as a solution to their needs is too great to ignore.

By offering them a .TV domain, you have the opportunity to assist them in building their brand, establishing their digital footprint, and standing out from the crowd. In a multi-screen world where content is king, .TV is the perfect domain for everything watchable.

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This post was sponsored by the .TV registry.