Time is running out to protect the internet as we know it.

Today is a day to rally. A day to talk, to reach out and especially to act.

It’s the last chance to fight to keep fair and equal access to the internet. The day we exercise our freedom of speech to maintain the same right online. The day we hold high the principle of common carriage; the principle that service providers must serve the general public without discrimination. A principle that started with blacksmiths, innkeepers, and ship owners is today part of our social contracts with public airlines, railroads, buses, taxicabs, freight and phone companies, and Internet service providers. The latter, because as Public Knowledge said so succinctly:

“Networks are so vital to the functioning of society that the maintenance of such networks cannot be left to the market solely.”

The internet is the world’s principal source of information. We deserve access to all lawful content unedited, unfiltered, uncensored, unfettered. We want real journalism, not an echo chamber. We want to hear all voices, not only the ones who’ve paid to speak.

We don’t want a two-tiered system controlling online communication. We are not alone.

At Tucows, OpenSRS’s parent company, we believe the internet is the greatest agent for positive change the world has ever seen. We are thrilled and humbled by what can be achieved when billions of people have access to information and a vehicle to communicate, collaborate and co-create. We are increasingly wary of large corporations that are willing to compromise customer experiences and impede progress to protect market share. We are similarly concerned about politicians that legislate on the internet without truly understanding the world they are affecting.

So today we ask you to join our voice to protect the open internet, by asking the FCC to preserve net neutrality. It’s easy. We promise.