It’s that time again. The time when we ask you to tell us what you really think.

Last year we started asking our resellers to participate in our Reseller Satisfaction Survey. It’s a really quick survey that poses an important question: “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague.

Each quarter we were grateful to have several hundred resellers take part and tell us what they really think. Many of the survey results were positive and encouraging, some were neutral, and yes, some even had a bit of a sting to them. Those were the best ones, not because they stung, but because they offered an extremely valuable insight about how we’re doing with some of our reseller partners and an opportunity for us to make improvements to how we do things.

If you’ve been participating in 2010, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to tell us what you think. It’s the only way we’ll get better.

Since these surveys are anonymous, I also wanted to assure those who participate that although you don’t hear back from us, your feedback is making a real difference internally at OpenSRS. We’ve gained valuable insight and ideas about the control panel interfaces, documentation, technical support, storefront, and more.

These surveys are compiled and then shared with the entire company. We’re gradually making improvements that tie directly to the feedback you’ve provided, so please continue to tell us what you think and I promise, we’ll continue to turn that feedback into action. Improvements can’t happen overnight, but they’re starting to happen already thanks to your input.

So, if you’ve been a reseller of ours for more than three months, we just sent you an email with a link to the latest survey. We really want to know what you think about how we’re doing: the good, the bad, and the ugly. All of it. And the more, the better.

Please participate, it only takes a minute and it helps us build you a better OpenSRS.