We all know how much end users like personal domains. Over the years we have seen great success around .ME but .ME is only appealing to English-speaking users. Personalizing the online presence is an appealing idea regardless of what language your customers speak.

If you market to Spanish-speaking end users, .SOY is a domain name you should consider offering. “Soy” means “I am” in Spanish, and .SOY creates a playful domain namespace for users to create a personalized web presence. .SOY is a great option for personal blogs and websites, short URLs, and any other type of personalized web presence. .SOY appeals to Spanish-speaking users the same way .ME appeals to English-speaking users.

If you are focused on the Latin American market and Spain offering .SOY could give you a competitive advantage. You may also consider offering .SOY if you are focused on Spanish communities in non-Spanish-speaking countries like Canada and the US (the Spanish-speaking community is the fastest growing demographic in the United States).

.SOY is in General Availability at OpenSRS for $25.

Learn more about .SOY and download the marketing kit.

Are you planning on offering .SOY?