At OpenSRS, we are constantly improving our products to ensure you are getting the most out of our services. We have implemented a variety of changes to better your Registrant Verification experience. Here are some improvements you can expect:

1) Customizable
To appear that the verification is done through you, custom options are now available. You can upload your own logo for your customers to see, add custom text that will appear above and below the Registrant Verification page, and the ability for resellers to brand the verification URL using their own domain name. In addition, when a submission has been made, you can specify the page to which you want them to be sent once they verify their contact information. Visit our knowledge base for more details.

2) Access to reports
You can access detailed reports on the Dashboard page of the Control Panel. Under Reports, you can click “Download Daily Registrant Verification CSV File”. You can choose to open or save the file.

3) Control sent messages
Daily notifications are sent to resellers when a domain gets suspended. You can now disable the message through the Control Panel or through the RWI. This will give you the flexibility to control the communication preferences. For more details on this feature, please visit our knowledge base.

For a detailed list of improvements, be sure to read our article.