We want you to help us shape the future of the OpenSRS suite of products. The OpenSRS User Experience Program will give you a chance to share your feedback with us as we work on new features, tools and products. Your input will help us build a platform that matches your needs.


If you choose to participate in the program you will be able to preview new features and enhancements before they get released. You may also be invited to try Beta versions of our systems and products. It’s your chance to influence product development as it happens.

How it works

Our User Experience team will contact participating resellers when the need arises. We need your feedback on a variety of topics and at various times. You may be interviewed on how you perform certain tasks. We may show you a prototype, an existing product or a new feature. You may also participate in usability studies at our Toronto office (for those of you in Toronto), you may also be asked to provide feedback online, participate in a group discussion or get a visit from us.

Who can participate?

The participation is open to all OpenSRS resellers upon sign-up. We can’t tell you when you will be contacted (it depends on the schedule for future releases) but this program gives us access to a pool of names that we can draw from.

How do I get involved?

Simply sign up below. As new studies come up, we will send you an invitation with the details of the study. By signing up you are not committing to participate. You will be able to accept or decline the invitation based on your schedule and availability.