They are often considered to be a tough bunch to please, but OpenSRS Reseller (mt) Media Temple has built an extremely successful hosting business by catering to the specific needs of web designers and taking a customer-centric approach to everything they do.

Those often tough-to-please designers demand a hosting provider that they can trust to host their customers’ sites dependably and reliably. That meant Media Temple needed partners that they could count on to provide the same level of service.

They rely on OpenSRS to provide a worry-free solution to domain name registration and management that’s fully integrated into their advanced hosting platform.

Premium hosting, premium service

Media Temple offers a premium level of hosting and customer service. The company, in turn, looks to its partners, including OpenSRS, to help them provide that higher level of technology and service.

Rather than competing for customers at the low-end of the hosting market, they instead pioneered innovative solutions like their (gs) Grid-Service along with being early providers of both virtual server technology and affordable dedicated hardware options.

“We made the decision to be a quality host – we’re in high-end data centers, and we use high-end hardware from HP,” says Alex Capehart, VP Business Development, (mt) Media Temple, who adds that, “sometimes the technology of what we do gets lost behind the marketing or branding.”

OpenSRS reseller since 2003

Media Temple has been an OpenSRS Reseller since it began offering domain names back in 2003. The company chose to outsource domain registration and management to OpenSRS so that they could focus their efforts on what they do best – providing superior hosting and customer support to their customers.

“You guys have done a great job for us,” says Capehart. “You’re always asking us, ‘What more can we do for you?’ whether it’s adding new TLDs or other services like SSL certificates. When it made sense for us to do it, we could count on you to be there for us.”

Media Temple also recognizes the importance of providing a single interface to manage domains and hosting. Their custom control panel allows customers to manage all aspects of their hosting packages, utilizing the OpenSRS API to completely integrate domain name management into their system.

Capehart says offering this kind of complete integration is key.“There’s no good reason to send customers to another provider for domains,” he says. “Keeping them within our own eco-system ensures that they are getting our awesome customer service and support and a consistent experience throughout the process.”

Committed to people

As part of the commitment to customer service, the company works to maintain its corporate culture, providing an enjoyable and challenging workplace, where employees are empowered to make the customer feel wanted and appreciated.

“The company was built on that and we haven’t seen anything that works better than having happy employees and happy customers,” says Capehart. “It doesn’t matter how big you are, as long as you maintain that high-touch approach, you’ll be successful.”

The company believes that a continued focus on people, combined with in-house development of its hosting infrastructure, along with key partnerships with companies like OpenSRS, will ensure future success in a competitive environment.