.ORG has a new look! It’s the same trusted domain you know and love, but with a new, bold visual identity. We sat down with PIR, the registry behind the .ORG TLD, to learn a little more about their rebrand and how they’re gearing up to make .ORG even more impactful.

There are quite a few elements that define a brand, and a great deal of thought was put into developing a new identity that visually, verbally, and emotionally speaks to who .ORG is and how PIR wants to connect to the .ORG community and the world. You can see it in their new logo and refreshed website — both feature exciting and energetic colours, bright imagery, and design elements that reflect .ORG’s impact worldwide, with more than 10 million domains under management.

But a new look is only the tip of the iceberg; the “new .ORG” refers to more than a logo or color palette. It’s been a banner year for .ORG in more ways than one.

A new leader

In December of 2018, .ORG welcomed a new leader — Jonathon Nevett — as President and Chief Executive Officer. Jon has brought decades of domain expertise and an impressive track record of industry leadership that has been (and continues to be) instrumental to the ongoing growth of .ORG. As Jon himself says, “I’m honored to be at the helm of such an impactful organization and want to do everything I can during my tenure to enhance the .ORG domain.”

A focus on quality

.ORG has always been one of the world’s most trusted domains, and one of the areas of focus for .ORG in 2019 (and beyond) is in upholding its reputation for being safe, secure, and trustworthy. Programs such as the recently implemented Quality Performance Index (QPI) initiative are designed to improve the quality of the .ORG name space by encouraging registrars and resellers to help ensure that the .ORG domain remains the best place for mission-based organizations to bring their ideas to life.

Highlighting .ORGs in action

While .ORG has been used by some of the world’s most impactful non-profit organizations, the domain truly is for anyone who wants to do great things online. This year, .ORG will begin to shine a light on the forward-looking businesses, professional associations, civic groups, nonprofits, clubs and families who are all making their inspirations a reality using .ORG. The .ORG Story Program has launched with five unique stories of .ORGs who are making a difference in their communities and the world — and the story collection will continue to grow over the coming months.

In addition to sharing these incredible stories, .ORG will also be hosting its first annual .ORG Impact Awards (OIAs) on the evening of October 10th in Washington, DC.  The .ORG Impact Awards program provides recognition to .ORGs that are connecting communities, making a difference in the world, and leveraging the internet for transformative change. This first annual program celebrates .ORG domain name users of all kinds and causes for their accomplishments in community mobilization, marketing and outreach, and mission achievement.

Another major focus area for .ORG starting this year is providing educational opportunities that will empower .ORG community members to successfully leverage the Internet to achieve their myriad of missions and goals. The inaugural .ORG Community Forum, held on the morning of October 10th in Washington DC, brings together the .ORG community to collaboratively explore common areas of interest and find ways to navigate through critical challenges facing .ORGs today.

Some things never change

While there sure is quite a bit that’s new with .ORG, some things always stay the same. For more than 30 years, .ORG has established a long-standing reputation as a best-in-class domain, particularly when it comes to domain security, trust, and reliability. And you can be certain that .ORG will continue to build on this impressive legacy – and remain the best place for anyone to build a trusted online identity.