.JOBS and .AERO domains now available

Granted, these are a pair of fairly specialized extensions, but for those who wish to offer either .JOBS or .AERO domains, you can now do it through your OpenSRS reseller account.

Pricing is as follows:

  • .JOBS: USD$125/year
  • .AERO: USD$50/year

As you might expect, there are some additional requirements for registrants of both extensions:

  • .JOBS requires a company website to be provided along with some optional additional data that is outlined in the online help in the control panel. More information about .JOBS domains are available here.
  • .AERO domains are available only to members of the aviation community, incorporating airlines, airports, companies, organizations, associations, government agencies and qualified individuals. Registrants will need to provide an Aero ID & password which must be requested from the registry.

We’ve left both extensions turned off by default in the search within the Reseller Web Interface. You can turn either or both on through the “Settings” link next to the “Check Availability” button in the Domain Lookups section of the RWI.

3 thoughts on “.JOBS and .AERO domains now available

  1. .aero 

    Cool. I have one of those. Great to be able to transfer in. Thank you!!!!

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