The new webmail platform has a brand new look and feel and it is is packed with new features. We have summarized all the features in a knowledge base article. We have also created a complete how-to guide. An unbranded version of this guide is available to download in knowledge base. Feel free to add your logo and make it your own.

Top new features

1) A brand new look and feel: the new webmail is modern looking, faster and a lot more intuitive.

2) Mobile sync for calendar and address book: the most awaited feature. Webmail now supports mobile sync.

3) Conversation threads: conversations can now be grouped together. Users have the option to display conversations as lists or threads.

4) Cloud storage for files: A simple way to manage files. Share, password protect and set an expiry date for the links you share (not currently available.

5) More robust RSS reader: the RSS reader is easier to use and manage.

6 ) A better HTML editor: the new editor offers users more options to format messages.

7) Identity management with HTML supported signatures: manage multiple profiles and create HTML signatures for each one of them.

8) Extensive address book fields: more fields for you to keep your contacts organized.

9) Extensive domain and user management capabilities: you can do a lot more when using the admin features.

10) Ability to reorder columns: you can move columns around to customize your inbox.