Just a reminder folks that March 14th is fast approaching. Do you have plans to celebrate?

We’re not talking about Einstein’s birthday (although I bet he’d be happy to know you remembered). We’re talking about International Pi Day, which happens every March 14 (3.14, get it?)

Pi Day has been celebrated by math enthusiasts and other geeks all over the world since 1988.

For the past few since we’ve been celebrating International Pi Day at OpenSRS, staffers, realizing the date is near will begin to salivate in what some experts have told us is a typical pavlovian response in reaction to the knowledge that a delivery of delicious pies will soon arrive to aid in the celebration!

This year Pi Day falls on Monday and as we gear up for the festivities, we wanted to ask you what plans you have to celebrate. If you’ve been a little pre-occupied, then this post can serve as an important reminder, because everybody likes pie!

If you’re having trouble thinking about how best to celebrate Pi Day, may we suggest a quick visit to your friendly neighbourhood app store for some reasonably priced Pi apps that might help put you in the Pi celebration mood? And if the mood still doesn’t strike (or if you’re using a Blackberry), give walking in circles a try. It worked for us!

Here’s wishing you a safe and Happy Pi Day!

iPhone and iPad Pi apps

  • Pi App: Unleash your inner nerd by testing how many digits of Pi you know!
  • Pi Cubed: Pi Cubed is a visual math application designed for a touch-based interface. Pi Cubed lets you construct, typeset, and instantly evaluate mathematical expressions using an interactive menu system.
  • Pi Search HD: Quickly and easily look for phone numbers, birthdays, lottery numbers, names and more, in the infinite numbers of Pi.
  • piClock: piClock scrolls through a ribbon of digits from the number pi to find the current time and date.

Pi Apps for Android

  • SpeedPi: How fast is your Android? Find out now using Speed Pi!
  • Pi (3.14159…): How many digits of Pi can you memorize?
  • Pimorize Pi Memorizer: Test your ability to remember the digits of Pi. Helps memorizing pi. Also shows days remaining until PI Day.
  • Pi Trainer: Learn pi or test your memory with Pi Trainer by piday.org. Pi Trainer is a simple game produced by piday.org as a tool to spread the knowledge of Pi.

Pi Apps for Blackberry

  • Sadly, we couldn’t find any Pi apps for Blackberry. The app store also told us we should be running Windows to properly use the store. Not sure what that’s about. Sorry Blackberry fans, we tried!

More Pi Resources