Last week marked the two-year anniversary of the relaunch of the .CO domain extension.

It was July 20, 2010, when .CO officially set its sights on becoming the go-to web address for the world’s entrepreneurs, innovators and next great businesses. Although there was some skepticism as to whether the world needed yet another domain extension, the market showed a real hunger for a space where creativity and innovation could thrive.

In those two short years, over 1.3 million .CO domains have been registered…and .CO continues to grow! .CO has proven to be a global success story. Just over half of .CO domains were bought by registrants in the US and Canada, the UK, Australia, India and China all are well-represented amongst the more than 200 countries where a .CO registrant can be found.

The most used .CO domain is probably one you see yourself quite often: This single-letter .CO domain is used by Twitter as its built-in URL shortening service, exposing .CO domains to the millions and millions of Twitter users around the world every day.

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To help celebrate two years of .CO, we have a special promotion underway at OpenSRS. Between now and September 30, 2012, .CO domains are priced at just $15 (that’s $10 savings per domain off the regular price).

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To help you learn more about .CO, the registry created this awesome infographic. Feel free to use it in your own marketing efforts along with a discounted price to highlight .CO and to drive sales. Click the image to get the full-sized version.

Infographic of the .co domain growth at it's 2 year anniversary