[NOTE: goMobi v1.4 is now live for all users as of July 10, 2011]

goMobi app interfaceOn July 10, 2011, the next version of the goMobi mobile website builder will be released. There’s nothing you need to do either as a reseller or an end-user – the update happens automatically across all goMobi accounts.

Existing sites will be unaffected by the changes, but you might want to let your goMobi customers know about some super new features that are part of the 1.4 release.

Major new features

  • Analyze traffic with complete site analytics
  • Create and print a QR Code-enabled marketing flyer
  • Upload images to a new hosted image gallery

Enhancements to existing features

  • More icon sets
  • Support for multiple locations and coupon codes
  • Ability to connect with popular location-based services (foursquare, Facebook Places, Google Places, Yelp and Gowalla
  • Better social network support (especially on higher end devices)
  • Improved color choices for backgrounds and text/titles

…and many more fixes and enhancements.

You can read more about the changes on our goMobi features section, including screenshots for some of the new features.

Available in test environment today

The Horizon Test Environment is connected to the goMobi Test Bed system which has already been updated to v1.4. You can log into your OpenSRS Horizon Test account and see some of the new features of the Site Builder first hand. Log in with your usual OpenSRS credentials here.