Version 1.3 of goMobi has just been released and is now live for all users of the service

Included in this update are a number of new features that will be of interest to resellers and end-users, along with a series of bug fixes and backend changes that won’t be visible, but will improve the experience overall.

Here’s the rundown of the changes that will be visible to users:

Better handling of full website transcoding

Currently, the “Full Website” feature is hidden in the Control Panel unless a source domain is either provided when provisioning the site or added via the “Advanced Features” section.

As part of the goMobi v1.3 release, goMobi is making the full website feature visible all of the time to users within the goMobi Control Panel. This allows site owners to enter or change their source domain (the desktop site URL) without having to know to visit the Advanced Feature section.

The site owner also now has the ability to transcode their desktop website and display it in a mobile-friendly version for their site visitors. That feature is enabled via a checkbox in the Full Website section of the Control Panel.

Here’s what that feature looks like now:

full website

This “Enable content adaption for mobile phones” check box is checked by default. This means that the desktop site will be transcoded into a mobile-friendly version (using dotMobi’s Instant Mobilizer technology, and formatted for the specific device being used to browse the site).

New full website interstitial page

In addition, when site visitors to the goMobi version of the site click on the “Full Website” feature, an interstitial page is now displayed to offer visitors the choice between a mobile-friendly, transcoded version of the full website, or the standard desktop version:


This gives more options to users on devices with different capabilities. For example, users of larger tablet devices, iPads or even those with Android or iPhones will have the option to see the desktop site as opposed to the mobile version. Visit our own goMobi-powered mobile site to see the new features in action.

Updates to goMobi are automatic

There is nothing resellers need to do to enable v1.3 for all users. Software updates to the goMobi service are performed by goMobi.