Update: goMobi v1.2 was released in early December. You can find out more about the v1.2 release here.

Starting today, you’re able to sell goMobi through OpenSRS. It’s a new service from dotMobi that provides your customers with a simple, inexpensive way to build and host a mobile-ready website that works along with their existing site.

Why goMobi?

The mobile web is hot and it’s getting hotter everyday.

line graph displaying mobile users versus desktop users within 5 yearsThe 2010 Mobile Web Progress Report by dotMobi revealed that the mobile web is showing incredible growth worldwide. The 2008 edition of the report showed 150,000 mobile-ready websites. Now, in 2010, there are over 3 million sites. That’s an incredible two-year growth rate of more than 2,000 percent!

Compare that to the growth of the Internet on the desktop between 1996 and 1998. Back then the size of the desktop web grew from about 150,000 sites to 2.0 million sites. In other words, the mobile web is now growing at a far faster rate today than the desktop Internet did in a comparable timeframe.

Tap in to the Mobile Market

More and more big brands are adopting mobile Web strategies, but there’s still incredible room for growth considering the number of mobile Internet devices that are being added every day. Consider this: right now, there are four mobile phones purchased for every computer purchased.

gomobi_iphoneBut mobile phones and other devices need mobile-ready sites – that’s where goMobi comes in.

goMobi gives you a way to tap into the growth of the mobile web, providing additional value to your customers, and of course, giving you a way to make some money at the same time.

Try it yourself!

goMobi is a monthly subscription service and the service is not tied to a .mobi domain purchase. It’s available to OpenSRS Resellers at a very low wholesale cost of $2.50/month.

The very best way to understand this product and what it offers to your customers is to try it out yourself. To facilitate that, we are offering a 30-day free trial with all goMobi subscriptions (for both you and your customers!). That gives you a month to give the product a try and get a good sense of how it works and what it offers to your customers.

You can find out more about how goMobi works, both for you in terms of selling it, and for your customers in terms of managing and using it on our goMobi pages.

Click on the “Try it Out” link to view a short screencast that will take you through the steps to provision and setup your own goMobi site in just a couple of minutes.