We’re giving away 100 absolutely free one-year subscriptions to the new OpenSRS goMobi service!

The first 100 OpenSRS Resellers to create their own goMobi site through OpenSRS and tell us about it will be credited a full year of goMobi service – that’s a $30 value.

All the details can be found here.

And remember that your first month of goMobi is already free, so it won’t cost you anything to create your goMobi site and keep it for the first month even if you aren’t one of the first 100 Resellers to submit your site.

Use Your New goMobi Site as a Great Sales Tool

Once you have your goMobi site up and running, make sure you show it off! That’s really the very best way to demonstrate the value of the goMobi service. We know that once your customers see your goMobi site, and learn how inexpensive and easy it is to setup a goMobi site, they’ll want one of their own.

Make sure you’re ready: grab the marketing resources that we provide (in six languages) and you’ll be all set to explain goMobi to them. There’s videos, HTML templates, email copy and PDF sell sheets available for download.

Marketing goMobi Webinar

If you want even more help getting started selling goMobi, then plan to attend our Marketing goMobi webinar on January 27, 2011. We’ll have two sessions – 9:00 A.M. EST and 2:00 P.M. EST – to accommodate resellers around the world. Go here for more information and times in your timezone, and to sign up.

Extra Bonus!

While goMobi doesn’t require a .MOBI domain name, we have noticed that a lot of people are opting to use a .MOBI name to host their goMobi site and this new .MOBI domain promo gives you a great way to offer a bundle deal to your customers:

From now until the end of March, .MOBI domains are available at a registry cost of just $2.99. Full details on the cost break down and the terms of the promotion, along with the signup form are available here.