Today, we’re highlighting one of our partners, Flazio, an Italian CMS provider that serves customers around the globe. They focus on providing innovative tools and straightforward user experience to enable anyone to create just about any type of website, with specialized templates and tools for a huge scope of end-user niches.

Most recently, they launched a partner program geared toward web agencies and freelancers. Through a unique platform, SiteBuilderBuilder, Flazio offers a truly white-label solution for partners who want an easy way to create websites for their customers or sell a branded DIY website-builder solution.

SiteBuilderBuilder addresses customer needs with two distinct options:

  • DIY site builder: sell customers a do-it-yourself solution to building their own website
  • Turnkey websites: create websites for customers and manage them through a functional CRM solution built into the SiteBuilderBuilder platform

In both cases, the end-user’s account is branded with the partner’s logo, colors, and other customizations. Flazio remains completely behind the scenes.

The reseller experience

Flazio markets its white-label solution as an intuitive and innovative tool that improves and simplifies the website production process. With the turnkey website solution, web agencies and freelance designers can create websites for their clients with greater ease by customizing pre-made templates. Plus, they leave their customer with a means to independently manage the website through a simple UI that reflects the agency or freelance designer’s branding. Pretty cool.

Customer relationship management with SiteBuilderBuilder

SiteBuilderBuilder’s wide array of management tools allows partners to define their business strategy in full autonomy and manage customer relationships through a single platform.

Flazio’s CRM panel allows partners to monitor statistical data on the progress of their SiteBuilderBuilder business, as well as manage sales and customer relations. The highlights include:

  • Activate and deactivate customer accounts and services
  • Manage the additional services offered to end-users (like SEO consultancy & email)
  • Manage end-user prices and billing
  • Multilingual support
  • SEO panel
  • Google Analytics and Search Console

Partners can also enable a pop-up help tab to chat with customers and send notifications in real time. Plus, the marketing automation tools let partners create, send, and schedule communications via 5 channels: email, SMS, browser push notifications, chat, and app push notifications.

Domains and email through OpenSRS

As you might have guessed, Flazio offers both domain names and email through OpenSRS, but what’s particularly neat is that they enable their own resellers to do the same. SiteBuilderBuilder resellers can purchase domains and email through Flazio or enter the keys to their own OpenSRS account to purchase directly through us.

Creating custom templates for website owners

Flazio’s SiteBuilderBuilder has more than 100 mix-and-match components and 1000+ customizable templates, which enable partners to:

  • Customize the choice of applications that can be used by the customer, such as E-Commerce, Hotel Booking, Services Booking, Blog and more;
  • Create and add new templates in addition to the hundreds offered by Flazio, importing them from Photoshop with a single click.

This makes it easy to address a wide user base and unique client needs. For example, partners can create a unique booking site for a hotel or an e-commerce site in a few minutes and then use the script component to enrich customers’ websites with the newly added features.

Continuing to grow

Like all successful CMS providers, Flazio stays competitive by remaining customer-centric, adopting an end-user perspective to understand what new tools or improvements would better support not only their partners but end-users across a wide variety of industries. Their SiteBuilderBuilder service is already in use by some large partners, and they continue to make new features available to partners and end-users every month. You can visit to learn more about their partner program.