Last Friday, NamesCon hosted a fireside chat with our CEO, Elliot Noss, titled “How do we make the Internet better from here?” The discussion included some reminiscing about Tucows’ early days and how the Internet has evolved, but the main focus was online content moderation, something that we’ve been dealing with for years in our role as a domain registrar, and a topic that’s been very much in the spotlight as of late.

During the talk, Elliot spoke about how he sees things progressing, which is that in a void of effective governmental regulation, large global platforms will be forced to “move toward clear frameworks” for content moderation that outline “what, why, and when they takedown.” In effect, and whether or not it’s what should happen, platforms will be “making law.”

Elliot also touched on Tucows approach to formalizing our own content framework, and we’re committed to sharing more on this as our thinking evolves.

Thanks to NamesCon for the invitation and for sharing the resulting video.