A few OpenSRSers are at the meshmarketing event held right here in our hometown of Toronto. One of the presenters is the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) who are the keepers of the .CA domain extension.

Over the past few years, CIRA has doing a ton of work to promote the .CA extension and to show Canadians how people are using their .CA websites.

CIRA .CA Impact Awards

As part of those ongoing efforts, today CIRA announced a new initiative. Starting on January 6, 2011, CIRA will begin accepting submissions for the .CA Impact Awards.

CIRA says they created the .CA Impact Awards as “a celebration of people and organizations that use their .CA website to make a difference.”

Prizes include a cheque for $5,000 for the winner. If you are selling .CA domains through OpenSRS, this is definitely something you will want to pass along to your customers. Who knows, maybe one of them will be the winner!

You can find out more at the CIRA .CA Impact Awards website.