If you’ve logged in to the new OpenSRS Control panel in the last couple of days, you’ve likely noticed a big change. There’s now a “bulk action” menu in the top right corner of the panel that allows you to easily perform bulk changes and modifications to the domains in your reseller account.

showing the bulk toolsIf you’re familiar with the bulk domain name tools we already offer through the existing Reseller Web Interface (RWI), some of the features will be familiar to you. Simply select the names you wish to modify, then select the action, and you can perform all the changes currently available today through the existing RWI. There are, however, some great changes and upgrades:

Ability to modify domains based on search parameters

One of the big changes we made when we launched the new control panel was to add powerful search and filter tools. You can now use these tools to select the names you wish to modify. For example, if you want to renew all expired names in your account, you can now do this by searching for expired names, selecting them in the result set.

Real-time progress bar

showing the real-time progress barYou can now easily follow the progress of your bulk change request using the control panel’s real-time progress bar. From this screen, you’ll be able to track the progress of a job, view the estimated time to completion, and even start/stop existing jobs. It makes managing and tracking the progress of a bulk change simple.

Handy export tool for most services

We’ve also introduced a new tool that allows you to export any result set to .CSV format. Simply run a search, select the results and click “export to .CSV”. You’ll then be able to download the results of your search in file format. The export tool is now available for Domains, Trust Service, Publishing and Offers.

We hope you take a moment to check these new features out and hope you find them useful!