Last week I had the pleasure to host a webinar with one of our new Trust Service partners, Trustwave. In that session, Dan Marfione, Trustwave’s Partner Sales Director, SSL, gave resellers some background on Trustwave and talked at length about how adding SSL to your product lineup can help boost sales and help your bottom line.

Some of the key things Dan pointed out during his presentation:

  • SSL isn’t just for banks and big businesses: there’s a real need for SSL to provide encryption right across the spectrum of Internet users. End-user confidence in Internet data security is not good right now thanks to some recent high-profile hacks. Whether your customers are mid-sized businesses with an e-commerce website or just a small business that has a small mailing list and collects a little customer data, the transmission of that data needs to be encrypted in order to instill a sense of confidence in customers.
  • Higher-end SSL products like Extended Validation (EV) certificates aren’t just for the big guys anymore: Extended Validation certificates provided end-users with peace of mind. Not only is their data encrypted, but they know who they are sending it to. Again, that’s key in providing confidence to end-users and customers that they can trust who they choose to deal with online.

Customer education is key when offering SSL

When it comes to offering SSL to your customers, Dan pointed out that it’s important to ensure they know what is involved in the process. Whether it’s an Easy Trust domain validated certificate, a Premium SSL organization validated certificate, or a Premium EV extended validation certificate, you need to make sure your customer knows what to expect during the validation process and what documentation is required of them.

Dan did a great job explaining the process from start to finish for each certificate type so you can be sure to not only make the initial sale but also make sure that your customer gets that certificate validated and issued as quickly as possible.

To help you understand the buying and provisioning process, I showed you how easy the new Trust Manager in the OpenSRS Control Panel makes it to provision a new SSL certificate. I went step-by-step through the process of ordering, validating and receiving an Easy Trust domain-validated SSL certificate and showed you the emails that go out, and explained the process that your customers will go through to have an SSL certificate ordered and in their inbox in minutes.

On-demand recording available

Image of a video for TrustwaveIf you missed the presentation, we’ve archived the session for you on Click here and you’ll be able to view that recording on-demand, at any time.

For more information on Trustwave and the full lineup of Trustwave SSL products available through OpenSRS, including the lowest cost DV certificate we offer, visit the Trustwave SSL product page.

Congratulations to our winners

We also want to pass along our congratulations to three lucky attendees. Thanks to Trustwave, we gave away an iPad 2, an iPod Touch and a $25 iTunes gift card to three attendees in a random drawing following the webinar.

  • Jason Klien was the winner of the iPad
  • Doug McIntyre won the iPod Touch
  • Arvind Parmar will receive the iTunes gift card.