The annual report for .INFO was released today and for anybody interested in .INFO, or domain names in general should find it an interesting read.

The report shows that in 2010, the top-level domain (TLD) grew nearly 30% to more than 6.8 million domain names registered, holding it in place as the #1 new TLD ever launched.

From the report: “.INFO remains the seventh largest top-level domain on the Internet today, out of more than 270 today TLDs on the planet.”

For those who sell .INFO domains, the report also contains a number of great examples regarding how online businesses, individuals and non-profit organizations are using the TLD as well as interesting stats that link .INFO registrations to real world events, such as the earthquake in Haiti and the BP oil spill.

The full report is available at the .INFO website.

bar graph displaying comparative new TLD volume