A plea from marketing

Almost every time I meet with an OpenSRS reseller, they end up saying, “Hey, it would be great if you had something to help me deal with (particular marketing challenge).”

And I end up saying, “We do have that! #@!!%! We posted it on the blog five times and emailed you like thirty.” And they say, “OK, calm down, I’m just asking…” And I say, “You’re just asking?! Let me ask you this…” And they say, “Stop pushing me.”

Anyway, since apparently we are reseller friendly, I have been asked to apologize and politely remind you that we have wonderful marketing resources and capabilities you should take advantage of.

Want to make it easy as possible for customers to transfer more domains to you?
We have white label videos and tutorials to help them transfer away from your top competitors.

Want to educate your customers about the value of contact privacy?
Check out our white label video and PDF on the benefits of revealing less in their Whois records.

Want to help your customers understand that it does, in fact, matter who manages your domain name?
We have Tucows Domains badges and a Tucows Domains Promise that you can link to.

We have marketing kits for TLDs, SSL brands and goMobi. We have end-user tutorials on configuring our email service with the leading mobile devices. We have tons of end-user documentation and videos that we can help you brand as your own. We can help you segment your own mailing lists for transfer campaigns or name-based promotions. See anything you like going on at Hover? We can help you replicate it. Have another marketing challenge that you think we might be able to help with? Ask us.

We are not trying to turn ourselves into retailers. We also understand that the resources listed above will likely not help you solve your most pressing business problems. But we have 11,000 resellers that do have some challenges and needs in common. Many of you do not have the resources that we do. If there are opportunities to find efficiencies and to make your jobs a little easier, we want to do that.

So, please use what we have and please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help. Damn it.

7 thoughts on “A plea from marketing

  1. Thank you Michael. Perhaps we forget these wonderful things you do for us sometimes. I forget at least. I read the blog entries and go ‘wow that’s cool, I need to use that’, and then later I forget where I saw it.  (Those transfer videos are a good example.)

  2. Hi Micheal, Thanks for the great resources.
    One resource that would help me sell more would be a white paper on why small companies should have a domain name and domain specific email.
    For us in the biz, it’s obvious but for those using gmail and hotmail addresses they have trouble seeing the benefits.
    If you have already created this article, please point me in the right #@!!%! direction again.

  3. Now that’s the sort of #@!!%! question I love! Thank you! I realize now that we have made that case in a bunch of disparate presentations and posts, but we have not really made it available to you in one, tight, brandable end user piece. I am certain others could use this too. We will take this assignment and get back to you soon. Thanks again.

  4. Hey Kent and Trish! Based on your request we’ve put together a one pager that talks about the professionalism and trust as it pertains to businesses using free email addresses compared to those with their own domain. 

    It’s in its third revision and I’d love to get your feedback on it to make sure we’re on the right track.Are you interested in looking at it and providing comments? If so, shoot me an email at blucier-at-opensrs-dot-com and I’ll send you the latest draft.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Hiya folks! We’re pleased to announced that we’ve come up with some marketing copy you can use to sell hosted email to your customers. Learn more: https://opensrs.mystagingwebsite.com/blog/2011/07/free-marketing-content-why-business-needs-a-professional-email-address/

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