RapidSSL is here

As of today, RapidSSL is being added to our SSL offering.  There are 2 certificates you can choose from:

RapidSSL: $10/year

RapidSSL Wildcard: $85/year
 (What’s a wildcard certificate?)

RapidSSL is a Domain Validated (DV) certificate. DV certificates are meant to be used  in situations where encryption is important but there is no real need to validate the organization or add a green bar to the browser. An example of that would be personal websites and blogs that only require basic encryption for things like logins, forms or other non-transactional data. Learn more about DV, OV and EV certificates.

RapidSSL is a low-cost certificate that allows you to add a significant margin to your business. It retails for $49, so it’s a 400% markup.

If your customers need basic SSL protection, RapidSSL is a great option. These are some of the key benefits:

No-hassle issuance: RapidSSL certificates are issued in minutes. 

Universal browser support: 99%+ of browsers support RapidSSL certificates.

Strong encryption: Up to 256-bit SSL encryption protects transactions and confidential data in transmission.

Credibility: RapidSSL is delivered through the GeoTrust global infrastructure.

SSL Certificates allow for very healthy margins. When marketed correctly, adoption rates can be high. Besides, if more users embrace SSL, it means that the Internet will be a better and safer place.

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2 thoughts on “RapidSSL is here

  1. Great addition, and cheaper then my current go-to company for RapidSSL. I’ll be purchasing these from OpenSRS from now on.

  2. My Hosting Control Panel of choice just integrated Let’s Encrypt … I think DV Certs are a dying species :-)

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