.SOY offers another alternative to personal domains

We all know how much end users like personal domains. Over the years we have seen great success around .ME but .ME is only appealing to English-speaking users. Personalizing the online presence is an appealing idea regardless of what language your customers speak.

If you market to Spanish-speaking end users, .SOY is a domain name you should consider offering. “Soy” means “I am” in Spanish, and .SOY creates a playful domain namespace for users to create a personalized web presence. .SOY is a great option for personal blogs and websites, short URLs, and any other type of personalized web presence. .SOY appeals to Spanish-speaking users the same way .ME appeals to English-speaking users.

If you are focused on the Latin American market and Spain offering .SOY could give you a competitive advantage. You may also consider offering .SOY if you are focused on Spanish communities in non-Spanish-speaking countries like Canada and the US (the Spanish-speaking community is the fastest growing demographic in the United States).

.SOY is in General Availability at OpenSRS for $25.

Learn more about .SOY and download the marketing kit.

Are you planning on offering .SOY?

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