Welcome to the ‘new’ OpenSRS

After months in development, we are excited to have finally launched our new website. Thanks to endless pots of coffee and the collaboration of talented individuals, the transition from our old website to the new one, was a success. Everything was redesigned from the ground up with these goals mind: To provide our customers the resources they need in a more efficient way, while helping new visitors get to know us better.

What to expect

We have reorganized all of our content to create a more fluid experience. Getting to point A to point B has never been easier. For those who are regular visitors, you may notice some of your old favorite features, as well as new ones. Here are some highlights:


Updated pricing page


No more digging around to find particular information on an extension as our new pricing page now displays more details on a domain (renewals, transfers, redemptions, etc.). But the work isn’t over yet… we are constantly refining our pricing page with new additions to help you get what you need, fast.

Launch list


Keeping up with newly launched gTLDs can be challenging (trust me on this one). We have addressed this by developing a launch list that contains new and upcoming extensions. If you want to prepare your business for any upcoming domain launches, this is the place to be.



We have taken our vast library of documents and have condensed it down for your convenience. You can now find API guides, agreements, contracts and much more under one roof. Simplicity at its best.




You now have the flexibility to pick and choose what domains you want to market to your customers. Every downloadable marketing kit contains valuable assets to help you promote with confidence.



Final thoughts

We can go on for hours listing the changes and improvements, but we highly encourage you to click around and experience the new website for yourself. We hope you enjoy our latest work and we welcome you to the ‘new’ OpenSRS.

The OpenSRS team

7 thoughts on “Welcome to the ‘new’ OpenSRS

  1. The site does look awesome but it’s such a shame you can’t do the same with your control panel(s). Three attempts now and still none of them work properly.

  2. Amen to that, but to be fair, manage.opensrs.com was updated recently and it is slightly better. Finding upcoming renewals is ridiculopusly clunky for something that should be one-click though, and the dual-line items for SSL certs is just plain silly. It doesn’t take as long as this to develop a webapp, just like it shouldn’t have taken “months” to develop a website. With the resources and moolah available to OpenSRS, it should have taken one month, tops.

    It’s still the price rise that’s making me reduce my spend with OpenSRS. I started moving gTLDs away from them as soon as I got confirmation it was static, and I’ve been moving them as they come up for renewal ever since, their competitor has 127 former OpenSRS domains now, and plenty more to go. I don’t know if they’re subsidising ccTLDs with it or they just think we don’t know their margin, but within a few months my holdings with OpenSRS will be down to a few dozen domains.

  3. Yes I’m lost every time – some controls here, some controls there, some bulk actions available on some control panels, some not, it’s a bit of a maze. I actually still prefer the oldest control panel best. It’s text based, practical, very fast and ONCE you understand it, works well. But it doesn’t seem to do everything…

  4. Nevermind… I found the link to go back to the Classic Interface in the upper right-hand corner. Hope they keep that there for a loooooooong time!

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