goMobi v1.6 Now Available for All Users

As of this morning, the goMobi mobile website publishing service has been updated to v1.6. There’s nothing you need to do – all users of goMobi will automatically get the update.

There are quite a few small changes and additions to the goMobi service, but the overall experience remains very similar to what it was for those using the Site Builder. It remains very intuitive and existing sites will continue to work just fine.

That said, there are quite a few new features in version 1.6:

New Features:

  • Ability to upload icons to features – a much requested feature!
  • Option to add smartphone bookmark – upload a custom icon to be used when users create a shortcut to the goMobi site on their supported smartphone.
  • Live site preview – the site preview in the Site Builder now emulates the experience on a smartphone.
  • Keywords – improve SEO with meta keywords.
  • New icon set – added a new theme.
  • WordPress and Drupal redirection modules – available from the Advanced Feature or Finish page of the Site Builder.
  • Site sharing options added to Finish page – easily promote your new goMobi site on Facebook, Twitter, Email or by QR code.


  • Improved Advanced Options – makes it easier for users to access advanced options when desired.
  • New site colour options – users can more completely customize the goMobi site to match the colour palette of their existing site.
  • WYSIWYG Editor added to Coupons – make rich, HTML coupons with images and text.
  • Email option added to Find Us feature – let visitors send you an email to the email address of your choice.
  • Additional language options added to Site Translation feature – more languages supported by the built-in translation feature.
  • Email and SMS options added to the Create Link feature – create a link that opens email or SMS on certain smartphones.
  • Additional Currencies added to mCommerce option – support for ten additional currencies.
  • Video feature limit – increased from four to eight.
  • Number of locations – increased from four to six.


9 thoughts on “goMobi v1.6 Now Available for All Users

  1. Well done SRS! Have been waiting for these new features for a while! Being able to make icons specific to customers needs will make a lot of people very happy! Thank you for listening and putting our requests into action. One other thing if I may? Is there a script that can be used to automatically keep a user on the mobi page or return a user to the mobi page after they have viewed a YouTube video? Or where ever else the video is being fed from?
    Thanks again guys! Kevin Glennon – iMagicCard.com

  2. On most devices the use never has to leave the goMobi site, the video either plays in page or launches the video player, even on low end devices.

  3. Hi,

    A lot of our customers have calculators and quoting systems on their existing desktop websites that they want to leverage. If we use the link feature to access these pages on their desktop site the mobile friendliness of the site is compromised as you need to scroll sideways reformat text size ect…. Is it possible to get a button to click in the links feature to give you the option to transcode pages? Or do you have any suggestions as to what approach I can take to make these features that they want to use on their current desktop sites more mobile compatible?



  4. Just go the the Advanced Options area of any feature and you can upload you icon. I don’t believe you can upload an entire set at one time, just one at a time. They need to be 128 x 128 pixels in .png with transparent background.

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