EPP .IT Registrations Coming to OpenSRS in January

In late January 2011, we will be transitioning .IT domain registration services in OpenSRS to the Extensible Provisioning Platform (EPP) that the .IT Registry provides. Once that transition is complete, .IT domain registrations will be fully automated in OpenSRS and completed in real-time. No more manual processing or signed documentation will be required.

As a result of the switch to EPP, there will be some changes to how you register and manage names in the Reseller Web Interface, and also via the API. We’ll have more information about any required changes to existing API implementations early in the new year.

In the meantime, there are no changes required and .IT registrations and management will continue to work as expected.

One thought on “EPP .IT Registrations Coming to OpenSRS in January

  1. Hi,

    we are an OpenSRS reseller (tomato). We were also Maintainer for .IT domains. We choose not to be come registrars and were counting on transferring our domains to OpenSRS and use OpenSRS for .IT domains too. We repeatedly asked about your plans to support EPP in OpenSRS and this announcement is coming as a big surprise as the answer we had on the forum to our question (http://forums.opensrs.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=17&start=30 , we are sistemi.tomato) was that EPP would be available OR ON BEFORE next week (Dec 20th).
    You are now saying it will only be available end of January.
    How can we feel confident you will be meeting this new, self-appointed deadline considering the previous answer?
    Since we will not be able to register .IT domains anymore in two weeks I have to decide today whether to stay with you or look for registrars already supporting EPP with .IT domains. I have to transfer some hundreds of existing domains so this decision is not only temporary.

    How would we have to proceed between now and end of January supposing we are not going to select a different registrar? We did not register .IT through OpenSRS as it’s notoriosuly cumbersome and requires a lot of time due to timezone differences with your business hours as commented by other resellers in the forums.

    Please convince me you are indeed committed to supporting .IT reselling.

    Davide Migliavacca
    CTO, ContactLab

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