A new and improved .CA Registry. Now with EPP compliance!

Earlier this morning, the team over at the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) has confirmed a successful 24 hour maintenance with an upgrade that brings the .CA Registry to full EPP compliance.

We’re still doing some post maintenance diligence on our end but in the meantime, order provisioning of .CA domains has been re-enabled as of 9am this morning.

Congratulations to the team at CIRA for their efforts and accomplishment!

5 thoughts on “A new and improved .CA Registry. Now with EPP compliance!

  1. Wonderful! I am filled with love for CIRA. (Not really considering the level to which they botched communication on the aspects of this transition they kept close to top secret, but that’s beside the point.)

    My question to OpenSRS is this: Now that CIRA has joined the ranks of registries using standard systems, and given the support that OpenSRS seems to have shown for this new system, will OpenSRS be lowering their fee on dot-ca domains? I do realise that dealing with CIRA is an expensive process in terms of time and effort (and duress), but dot-ca domains are about 30% cheaper at retail from most registrars than the OpenSRS wholesale price.


  2. I agree, selling .ca domains are not profitable for a reseller especially if the Canadian Dollar drops against the US then I will simply be loosing money sine I charge in Canadian dollars but pay OpenSRS in USD.

  3. Craig, Brian,

    Sorry for the delay gentlemen. I didn’t mean to ignore your question Craig, I just don’t have anything special to report at the moment.

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