Refunds for misspelled domain names, because that's how we roll.

As human beings, we all make mistakes, some are bigger than others. But when it comes to misspelling a domain name, should your end users be stuck with anything other than a perfect representation of their brand? At OpenSRS, we don’t think so. That’s why we have a five day window during which time a registered domain can be deleted, where the TLD Registry permits, for a nominal fee.

We know what it’s like to search for that perfect domain name. Countless lookups and various spellings. Heck, a typo in a domain name is bound to happen every once in a while. Or maybe your customer simply thinks of a better, more appropriate name after the registration process has been completed.

Spelling mistakes aside, there’s another big advantage to dealing with OpenSRS for domain registrations:

If your company is an online service provider say, a webhosting company for example, you’ve probably also felt the sting of some unscrupulous fraudster registering a website with your company and a domain name to go with it.

Sure you can cancel the website services with little cost to your company, but will your domain registrar be as unforgiving? Or do they have an ALL SALES ARE FINAL policy?

We understand that as a reseller, these things can happen We’re not going to hold you, or your customers to those mistakes for the sake of a few extra bucks in our pockets. Having a five day grace period during which time a new domain registration can be canceled is another advantage OpenSRS has over other registrars such as eNom.

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4 thoughts on “Refunds for misspelled domain names, because that's how we roll.

  1. Why do you charge a nominal fee when you are not charged? What are you doing regarding redemption period charges, they are very expensive compared to the $40 charged to you? When all is automated why punish the customers for being daft?

  2. The $1 fee is to discourage domain tasting as a regular practice. The overall feedback that we’ve received from our resellers is that price point is acceptable.

    Regarding the redemption period for domains that have been expired for 40+ days:

    Our grace period is one of the longest in the industry, Richard. If a registrant fails to renew his or her domain name, they have 40 days to change their mind. During this time, we will happily let our resellers renew their customer’s domain name for the price of a domain renewal.

    Even if a domain goes more than 40 days past its expiration date we can quite often recover the domain for the registrant who abandoned it. In these cases we charge a Rescue fee that covers our costs and acts to discourage resellers and registrants from letting domains get to this state. Once again, the feedback we get is that registrants are quite happy to pay a fee to get back something they thought was lost.

    We would be perfectly happy if domains under our management NEVER slipped into the redemption period. We don’t like that our resellers have to have this sometimes difficult conversations with their customers, sometimes it comes to this unfortunately.

    On the plus side, our redemption period rates are very low, so this doesn’t happen often.

  3. I agree. We all commit mistakes. Those web hosting providers who understand this matter are considered good because they care for their customers. Although as website owners, we also have to be careful so that this will not happen again and again. – domain name look ups

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