Over 3 million users worldwide rely on our email platform:

POP3, IMAP protocols and Webmail access.

Fully localized, multi-lingual Webmail in many languages.

Spam and virus protection for inbound and outbound mail.

5GB-100GB of space depending on your needs.

OpenSRS can get the job done:

  • We have migrated 250,000 mailboxes from Google Apps.
  • We have developed powerful and flexible migration tools.
  • We can extract users’ mail, calendars, address books and settings easily.
  • Our services team will be responsible for an end-to-end migration.
  • We will also provide a full communication to ensure a hassle-free migration for your end users.

Hosted Email Pricing

Full Mailboxes

$0.50 per mailbox/month
includes spam/virus filtering

Email Filtering

$0.10 per mailbox/month
includes spam quarantine

Email Forwarding Only

$0.02 per email address/month

All mailboxes include: 5GB of space (additional storage available); POP3, IMAP and webmail. Prices in US dollars.


Simple enough for the average user, and robust enough for power users, our Webmail client was designed to be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Fully customizable, your customers can make the webmail theirs, thanks to our white-labeled solution. You can expect industry-standard POP, IMAP, WAP and webmail access, complete with virus and spam protection.

All your users will ever need, and more:

Our Hosted Email solution has all the features your users need plus access to our amazing support team.

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