OpenSRS sends out thousands of transactional messages every day, both to our resellers and their end customers. Spam and phishing have made it increasingly important to ensure consumers recognize messages as being legitimate.

With that in mind, our engineers have spent the past few months giving our transactional messaging infrastructure a complete overhaul. We plan on adding all the features our resellers need to properly communicate with their clients while keeping all messages on brand. The work is still in progress, but we are making the new messaging system available in preview mode to a group of select resellers.

These are some of the features currently available:

  • HTML support for all messages
  • Ability to customize message templates in multiple languages
  • Ability to set global layout and styling for all messages
  • Ability to define global snippets for use across messages
  • Message editing tool
  • Test send functionality
  • Expert mode to edit raw HTML code
  • UTF-8 support

Additional features will be added in the coming weeks such as:

  • Default message templates in multiple languages
  • Ability to set branding settings for sub-resellers
  • Ability to enable or disable messages for sending
  • Message logging

The current preview mode will not affect any actual messages being sent to resellers or end users. The purpose is to allow resellers to familiarize themselves with the new features and to gather feedback at an early stage. While it’s possible to customize and test send messages at this time, we advise resellers not to start customizing messages for later use. We are planning to move over existing message customizations to the new system, and the migration of existing messages will override any customizations you do in the preview mode.

We invite participants to play with the tool and provide us with feedback through the “provide feedback” button found at the top of the preview mode.