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It has come to my attention that not every reseller visits our Marketing Resources every day. So I wanted to quickly highlight some co-op print ads we created to help those of you that promote Ting.

We have three versions, highlighting different benefits. Each come in two layouts – a standard magazine and a half-page horizontal newspaper. Each focus on the significant savings that businesses and families could realize by switching to Ting.

There is a blank area for your “Authorized Reseller” logo and a call to action that should be customized to include your unique URL. We provide PDFs for easy viewing, EPS files and the Ting font file.

Enjoy! Please let us know if you find these useful and if there is anything else we can do to help.

11 thoughts on “Ting co-op print ads

  1. Thanks for providing this – it is good to know you have an interest in helping out the reseller community. I have a number of other suggestions that would be helpful to the reseller community, some of these are listed below:
    1) Make limited availability refurbished phones available to resellers as a priority
    2) Allow a link that will allow checking whether a phone can be brought to Ting by entering the ESN
    3) Do not include cards that provide the end user a discount if they bring other customers to Ting – this undermines the efforts of your resellers to recoup expenses of the initial sale by reaching out to connections of the initial customer. Much time an d effort is often required in the initial “sale”, and it is only the potential of easier sales to connections of the initial sale make the initial effort profitable.
    4) Allow resellers to have phones on existing plans without charging the $6/month phone fee. We currently have multiple phones on our account that we are using as “loaners” so potential customers can see the coverage and service for themselves.
    5) Allow resellers to see which clients have “signed up” – we can see how many offers have been generated, but it is impossible to track which potential clients have signed up. An email address available to the reseller would be sufficient for this.

    We have other ideas as well, but this would be a good start.

    Computing Solutions

  2. These are great comments, Andy. I really appreciate it.

    We are doing a lot of thinking about how to better support Ting partners. Your thoughts will help.

    I think we should be able to solve problems like helping you have “loaners” on hand.

    The “refer a friend” program is a bit trickier. On one hand, it makes sense to protect resellers there and make sure it is lucrative for you to the hard initial work to acquire a customer. On the other hand, it seems problematic for customers of resellers not to have the same opportunities and features as other customers. But there is always a solution. We will think about it.

  3. Again, it is encouraging that you are at least thinking about improvements that will assist us as resellers – I strongly feel improvements in this regard will help us drive more business your way. Recently, I have been ordering phones under my account so I can remove the $25 discount card that comes with the phones. Any comments on the other suggestions I listed?

  4. I think a good plan would be to help you do exactly what you want to do with manual workarounds while we figure out how to roll out these sort of reseller features in a more scalable way. Send me an email at mgoldstein@tucows.com or call me at 416-538-5451 and we’ll figure it out.

  5. I agree with Andy’s point #5 as well with regards to resellers being able to see how signs up — an Email Address or name would be really great for us to be able to track marketing effectiveness.

  6. @6569a6f32f97b0b565cec71e510d7a36:disqus , feel free to email me at mgoldstein@tucows.com if you want to know which of your customers have signed up. I am willing to pull that information for you manually until we building something into the system.

  7. I just found this after responding to an email to Erik Bartz about Taste of Ting and asking for several of the same things Andy did. I don’t mind the card with customer phones, I think it’s a fair trade as long as Ting is giving resellers strong support. I love my service and have big ideas to share it with others, my biggest issue is #5, I’m going to need to have more access to metrics to show me if my work is effective and worth investing more in, or if I need to try something else.

  8. Thanks Matthew. We know it. The reporting right now is woeful. Until we improve it, feel free to email me at mgoldstein@tucows.com any time and share everything I have – analytics on traffic coming to your landing page, who signed up and when, etc. Hope that helps.

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