Further Strengthening Our Commitment to Europe

OpenSRS has been focusing heavily on Europe for the past few years. We’re quite confident that we’re the best choice for European companies looking for a partner they can count on that understands their business, culture and specific needs.

200 TLDs by the End of the Year

Alexander Schwertner, Managing Director, ePAG

The recent acquisition of ePAG by OpenSRS further illustrates this commitment to Europe. With ePAG, we’ll be able to dramatically extend our ccTLD coverage to include most, if not all, of Europe. We expect to be able to offer the ability to register 200 different TLDs by the end of the year.

Welcome ePAG to the OpenSRS Team

Joining the OpenSRS team as part of the ePAG acquisition is Alexander Schwertner, who is the Managing Director for ePAG. Alex has extensive experience working with European resellers at ePAG. He’ll continue to work at ePAG, with a specific focus on ccTLDs.

In addition to Alex, Jan Leendertse and Evelina Joschko will also be joining the OpenSRS European Team, continuing in their roles in sales and account management.

Welcome to Alessandro Baruffi

I’m also very happy to introduce yet another new member to our European team – Alessandro Baruffi. He is responsible for account management and business development throughout Europe and is based out of our office in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Alessandro Baruffi
Alessandro Baruffi, Account Manager

Alessandro speaks English, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese. I’m happy to say that we’re almost at the point where you’ll be able to talk to OpenSRS in whatever language you are most comfortable with.

Come Meet Us in Person at WHD.local

If you would like to learn more about OpenSRS and meet Alessandro, Alex or myself, various members of our team will be touring Europe in the coming weeks for the WHD.local events.

The first stop is Cologne, Germany, on September 14th and from there it’s a nearly two month trip around Europe including stops in Poland, Turkey, Netherlands, Russia, Romania, UK, France, Spain and finally Switzerland.

Get more information on WHD.local, including free registration codes (value €199) by clicking here. We look forward to meeting you at an event in your city!

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  1. While in Switzerland, try to renegotiate your purchasing price for .ch. European registrars sell it for less than OpenSRS ;)

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