Important news about the OpenSRS Status Dashboard

Today, we’re very happy to announce that we have rebuilt the OpenSRS Status Dashboard with superhero powers!

Many of you are aware of the OpenSRS Status Dashboard. It’s our primary communications channel to tell you about upcoming maintenances and report (in realtime) any issues affecting our services.

For those of you not familiar, you should really check it out. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

There was just one thing that bothered us about the dashboard: we hosted it on our own infrastructure, using our own DNS. So while everything generally chugged along without issue, there have been a couple of instances where issues with certain parts of our infrastructure would take the dashboard offline.

For example a network event within a data centre, a problem with our DNS infrastructure, or even a failure to email would mean this dashboard might become unavailable, or cut off communications during the times when we most need to let you know what’s up.

Here’s a quick rundown of the main changes to your new dashboard:

  • A new domain name has been registered ( that uses independent DNS services for resolution.
  • The webservers, data centre and all related network infrastructure is out-of-band and no components or services rely on our infrastructure.
  • More update options! In addition to the dashboard view, updates can be received via email, RSS and Twitter (via @OpenSRSStatus)

Since we launched the integrated Status Dashboard a few years ago, it’s become an integral tool for us to communicate with you during important events and we’re really excited about these changes.

Please take a moment to update your bookmarks to reflect the new domain name. We currently have a redirect in place so that will bring you to, but if you don’t update your bookmarks, you could find yourself without status updates when you need them most.

Now, for the last time, go update your bookmarks! You’ll be glad you did. :)

2 thoughts on “Important news about the OpenSRS Status Dashboard

  1. Might just be me but the new hosting for this is really slow. Done 2 traces using entirely different connections and from the UK the routing to the Amazon hosting is really poor!
    Also there still seems to be no way to get the info on upcoming maintenance via the API or RSS. This would be really useful to us as we could do our own queuing when registries are down and automatically inform our support people so they don’t panic! I suggested this in the forum and via support last year so I though t might finally be here!

  2. Hi Rob. I’ll have somebody look into it. Can you email me your traces? I’m at blucier-at-opensrs-dot-com. We expected some latency, but I would expect that response should still be acceptable for you in the UK. 

    Also, the RSS feed has been something we’ve been thinking about for some time. We’ve done some custom development already, but the plugin we’re using for RSS was written by a third party. We always thought they might release an RSS-supported calendar, but we haven’t seen it yet. We last poked them on this feature about 8 months ago though… so perhaps it’s time to check in again.

    Thanks for the feedback,

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