Start the New Year By Telling Us What You Think!

It’s that time again. The time when we ask you to tell us what you really think.

Last year we started asking our resellers to participate in our Reseller Satisfaction Survey. It’s a really quick survey that poses an important question: “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague.

Each quarter we were grateful to have several hundred resellers take part and tell us what they really think. Many of the survey results were positive and encouraging, some were neutral, and yes, some even had a bit of a sting to them. Those were the best ones, not because they stung, but because they offered an extremely valuable insight about how we’re doing with some of our reseller partners and an opportunity for us to make improvements to how we do things.

If you’ve been participating in 2010, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to tell us what you think. It’s the only way we’ll get better.

Since these surveys are anonymous, I also wanted to assure those who participate that although you don’t hear back from us, your feedback is making a real difference internally at OpenSRS. We’ve gained valuable insight and ideas about the control panel interfaces, documentation, technical support, storefront, and more.

These surveys are compiled and then shared with the entire company. We’re gradually making improvements that tie directly to the feedback you’ve provided, so please continue to tell us what you think and I promise, we’ll continue to turn that feedback into action. Improvements can’t happen overnight, but they’re starting to happen already thanks to your input.

So, if you’ve been a reseller of ours for more than three months, we just sent you an email with a link to the latest survey. We really want to know what you think about how we’re doing: the good, the bad, and the ugly. All of it. And the more, the better.

Please participate, it only takes a minute and it helps us build you a better OpenSRS.

6 thoughts on “Start the New Year By Telling Us What You Think!

  1. I’ve been with you guys for about 10 years now. Here’s what I like and what I don’t like about your service:

    1) Easy to use web interface, very familiar to me.

    2) Customer service has been pretty good. Then again, I seldom call. But when I do, it’s pretty good.

    1) Your wholesale prices are MORE than other registrars retail prices. Not good. I will probably have to move to another registrar because of it now that my domain count is getting pretty high. If you dropped your wholesale registration fee to sub $7, I’d probably stay. GoDaddy is looking better and better, unfortunately.

    2) Web interface no longer has the bulk-domain registration feature, well, at least I cannot find it. Maybe I’m getting blind.

    3) Processing fee for credit card transactions REALLY ticks me off! You people have the highest registration fees of all of the registrars and yet you still charge this stupid fee. This fee alone is going to make me move!

    Come to think of it, I’m not really sure why I’m staying with you people other than it’s just lethargy. Time to start shopping for a new registrar. :)

  2. Totally agree with K Beau above. Especially the credit card processing fee. I realize that it is a cost that you have, but so do we, on EVERY sale with a credit card. Suck it up. OR, provide a way with NO FEE to pay through debiting our bank account. There, solved a problem for you – credit what it’s worth to my account.

    Now this GoMobi think you guys keep pushing on us. I’ve read the developer faq regular faq and watched the promos. You are selling a paid service but we’re going to have to go to our customers and have a “GoMobi” reference at the bottom – I don’t think so! This needs to be white label, or offer it free with the GoMobi powered by tag.

    Next, I really don’t get how this helps. We end up creating a separate website that we have to maintain separately. Just creat a page on your existing site that works with mobile phones and ties in with your other pages and updates so you don’t cause yourself a maintenance headache – wa already have enought to do – sheesh!

    Just put “how to create a mobile friendly page on your website” into google and up pops many helpful sites on how to do this. Then you will have your own template that you can copy and use for all your customers and it will update and integrate with the regular site. The first one I found is but there are lots of others. Good luck with this and email me if you find something really cool on this.

    Resist the hype here, this is just a GoMobi fad.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to give us your thoughts, I’ll try to answer them as best I can below:

    Wholesale pricing
    Cost pricing for a .COM from the Registry is $7.52. This means that offering a domain name for less than $7 would mean we’d be paying YOU to register a domain name. I speak with webhosts and agencies about this kind of stuff all the time and like you, they’re frustrated by “high” domain pricing. But when you look closer, their competitors are often selling domain names BELOW cost in consideration of other services (ie webhosting, design, etc).

    Bulk Registration
    We haven’t made any changes to bulk registration as far as I know… you can find it on the main page of the RWI under the heading “Bulk Domain Change Management” and then clicking “Place Bulk Order Manually”.

    Credit Card Processing Fee
    I agree with you… this one really sucks and for what it’s worth, we’re sorry. The credit card companies take way too much away from companies trying to do business online. We’d like to get rid of the fee altogether. But our entire model is based on transparent pricing and we’ve made a decision to break out this fee. It feels like a kick in the stomach to see it, but I don’t think you would be any happier if we buried it somewhere else. On a related note, this is pretty standard and I think you would have a difficult time finding another registrar that doesn’t charge a transaction fee.

    Moving on to Another Registrar
    It would break our heart to see you go, and if you’re seriously at the point, I’d love to have a conversation with you in person. If price is your primary concern, I have no doubt you’ll find less expensive registrars. But when it comes to working with a Registrar who appreciates and understands the relationships you’ve worked hard to build with your clients, I like to think we’ve made every effort in this regard.

    Again, lethargy or not, I really appreciate you taking the time to share your feelings with us and if you’d like to continue this conversation, I’d be happy to speak with you day or night. My cell phone is 647.298.5095 and my email is blucier-at-opensrs-dot-com. :D

  4. Hiya Gillian!

    I hope I’ve answered some of your concerns in my reply above and I’ll provide (hopefully) some insight about goMobi below:

    It might be difficult to see at the moment, given the present brand awareness of goMobi (it’s low), but I think you’ll find in the coming months, that clients interested in a mobile site creation tool will specifically asking for goMobi.

    The distinct look and feel of a goMobi website, along with its management interface makes it such that any white labeling would really be an exercise in futile obfuscation. Your clients are not going to believe that you’ve built a mobile site builder that works with more than 6,000 mobile handsets.

    But don’t think for a second that we didn’t have the same argument internally that you’ve made above. The core of our being is, and continues to be around white labeled services. But to do so in this case would be similar to Lexus asking Bose to take the name off the stereo, or in the case of SSL certificates, asking Verisign to remove their branding.

    In some cases, having the brand associated with a product or service, is better in the long run.

    I looked at the site you linked above and I think you might be missing some of the main features that goMobi brings to the table.

    It’s a service that with a small snippet of code enables the automatic detection of more than 6,000 mobile handsets. Once the device has been detected, the service *automatically* renders the website in a way most appropriate for that specific handset.

    So when a web designer finishes a beautifully designed website for a home lighting store that showcases the inventory of the store’s offerings, in 5 minutes, a mobile site can be created that presents important information such as store hours, location, and even a few product photos.

    goMobi helps the guy on the street looking for the store hours and address of the lighting store, while the desktop website offers a gorgeous presentation of the store’s brand.

    I haven’t seen anything out there that comes close to the features, ease of use, and consistency of goMobi. And I’ve been speaking with web designers and agencies that are excited about using goMobi as a compliment to their existing services. All for a cost of $2.50 a month.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to offer your expertise and insight. These conversations help us to better understand what our Resellers are thinking!

  5. Ben, you write really good responses and I appreicate all the time and thought that went into them. Your are a valuable asset to OpenSRS and your position there makes me feel like we’ve continued to have a good domain registrar partner.

    We already use a site builder in several of our hosting areas. And they are ALL white label. All of our hosting clients have no problem believing that we can provide them this tool, powered by us. After all our multi-currency affiliate-ready shopping cart was written internally and has advanced features, so your justification there is a bit condescending although I realize that was unintentional.

    And GoMobi is NOT Verizon, Bose, Lexus or Verisign, it’s more like leaving “Joe’s Coffee shop”, or “CoolWeb” on the page – an unknown brand.

    Not only does this cause confusion, it reduces the value of OUR brand because it looks like we don’t know what we are doing so we had to turn to this outside firm. or worse, it looks like we can’t afford a white label version so we are using a free version.

    Secondly, my objection is not to carrying the GoMobi brand, it is paying for a branded solution. The Internet model is clear on this. Offer FREE stuff to get publicity and the user must live with the “powered by” or third party labeling. If we pay for a tool that we are in turn presenting to customers, we expect to have a white label, unless it is a major brand.

    So the solution is clear. Offer a free version and we’ll live with the GoMobi brand, and then if we’re paying for it, we better have a white label product. This is a deal killer for us on GoMobi. I would rather use a free branded tool for my customers than an unknown branded option.

    This is not that I don’t value GoMobi, but if it’s this hard to sell and explain the value of interpreting all the handsets to resellers, imagine how hard it is to sell it to customers!!

    And you didn’t address my other concern that this is yet another platform to maintain. So as webmasters and web solution providers we have another maintenance chore, so putting in GoMobi is NOT without a cost on our part, as we will have to add it to our maitenance services probably without any additional compensation.

    Finally, on the credit card fee, you offer a nice “I feel your pain” response, but how about the solution I recommened?!?! Offer us the ability to debit our business checking account for no fee. I just paid our state sales tax this way and it was convenient and fee free.

    Get this credit card fee and GoMobi impass handled this week and I’ll expand our operation and replace our API interface with your storefront and put some resourced behing promoting again. I’ve put this off because I wasn’t sold on OpenSRS’s committment to it’s resellers. It’s time for you to change my mind, not with postings to this blog, but with customer oriented action.

    Thank you for allowing us the feedback venue here.

  6. Hi Gillian,

    You’ve provided us with a lot of food for thought and I really appreciate it. We’re always looking for ways we can improve.

    As a reseller advocate myself, I often find myself debating on the side of the resellers. At the risk of sounding dismissive because I can’t make any immediate commitments to you, I’ve made a note of your discussion points about alternative payments and a free goMobi branded service and will see what can be done.

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